Saturday, February 16, 2013


We live in a culture saturated by self. 

We self protect. We live for self. We have messages that bombard us saying, "Care for self! No one else will!" Me, Me, Me!

We say we have to create our own identities. We have to make time for self. We have to protect self.

We say that if someone is offended by you, it's their problem because self is protected. 

The thing about these messages is there's an element of truth. But we've gone to far!

As a follower of Christ we are commanded to give away self, to die to self, and to lay self aside. We can not serve both self and Christ! We must choose. 

Self needs to die. 

Selfishness gets bumped into all day long! How do you respond? Does Christ spill out of you? Or does self rear it's ugly head?

Oh friends, lay self aside. Seek to serve Christ and be the hands, feet, and heart of Christ to those around you. Seek your identity in Him and in Him alone. Ask for wisdom to see the lies the culture sells! You will have joy like you have never experienced before. 

This is my prayer for my own heart and for yours as well!

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