Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Have you ever taken one day to pay attention to the noise around you?

Podcasts, pandora, Wii, movies, websites, radio, restaurant music, mall music, kids, coworkers, traffic, and sirens blare! Then social media, blogs, pinterest, email, and text message provide more mental noise, advice, and static (at times). 

We stay distracted, busy, and always peering into the lives of other people. 

During my Facebook break I have realized how overly saturated I've been with noise. Noise that invades space. Noise that invades peace. 

Seeking the One thing that brings lasting peace and joy can be hard to "hear" in all the noise. 

Before I took the plunge and de-activated my Facebook page, I prayed that God would revel anything that was keeping me distracted from Him. This break has been good and I feel like I have more processing to do before I re-join the social media world of Facebook. 

I want the noise and advice of the world to be quiet, so I can hear, more clearly the voice of my Beloved Savior. 


Victoria said...

Excellent! Thank you very much for sharing!

Simone Taylor said...

I agree. Thanks for sharing. Just this past week, I started losing interest in Facebook. I logged myself out and didn't go on for a few days. Yesterday, I decided I'll on to see if I have any messages, comments or likes. And I had a few invites but as I was scrolling through my profile; I realized that I didn't miss it whatsoever. I really got tired of reading the stuff people would post and the advertisements that Fb now puts on my profile.

Also, I have found that I catch myself before putting non sense up on Fb, if I am writing it and I Reread it, and if its too much I just don't post it. I am more careful of what I out on it.

Pray my strength in Lord that I will be found doing His Will and His Way and that I won't fall to temptation of posting things not worth while.