Monday, February 4, 2013

Facebook Break

Here I just post for you to find me on Facebook and Saturday I decided I needed to de-activate my account and take a break.

This break was a couple weeks, maybe a couple of months, okay, maybe a couple of years in the making.

At times I find myself wrapped up in drama by what is posted on Facebook. I see posts from people who I think, "Don't they know better." "Don't they see how they are being entertained by worthless noise!?"

Then I feel judgmental and I don't want to be prideful. 

So I have unsubscribed to so many people to just avoid that critical heart which comes way too easily for me. (Yes, it's my issues to work on!)

But last week a photo was circulated that was just "worthless chaff", but it seemed I was alone in thinking the picture was not funny at all. 

My heart just broke as this picture was shared by many and people just "LOL" at it. 

This picture was not God-glorifying, but glorified self. It was a slam on male/female relationships and it did, in no way lead people to the cross, but to self. 

But I felt like I was being too sensitive, perhaps. 

So I took a Facebook break to re-calibrate my heart. To decided if I am "in a Christian bubble" or if I am "guarding my heart"?

I desire deeply to be a "tree firmly planted" that is guided and directed soloing by the Word of God. I want the smile of God on my face. I want to please Him. 

I am still tweeting, I find twitter to be a bit safer and not filled with as much useless posts:

I'd love your thoughts! Really! Share away!

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BekLovesJeremy said...

I hear you! Totally! I've decided to take a break... different times. Because there are so many things about fb that drive me crazy... but I never stay away for long mostly because of family. My brother and his wife live in Cambodia and fb is where I get to see pictures of them. Also... my family has a private fb group where we plan all of our family gatherings/birthday parties etc. With there being 15 of us kids... and now cousins, and spouses... it makes life a lot easier to just put stuff on there rather than try to contact each person. So yes. t can be a huge blessings in some ways and not so much in other ways. Somethings I've done to make it work for me is:
1) Hide a LOT of people. It sounds rude, but if their posts aren't encouraging or just down right against Scripture, or if it seems like they are always just trying to pick a fight, I just feel like I don't need that in my life.
2) Set my fb so that only a group of good friends/family can see when I post. It's about 40 people that I have on that list. Once in a while I don't select that and post something for all my fb friends to see... but not very often.
I'll miss you on fb. You've been such a huge encouragement to me. But I totally understand. Enjoy your break!!!:)
Oh and if you want to keep up with me... I started a new blog. Check it out if you want!
Blessings on your day!