Saturday, July 21, 2012

07/21/12 - Quiet Time

Over the past couple of years I've asked people who are struggling with a consistent quiet time, "Has anyone sat you down and shown you how to have a quiet time?"

I will be the first to say there is no formula to a time with God. There's no right or wrong way! There's no perfect way...but having someone show you how they do can be extremely helpful!

For example some think that your quiet time has to be just that, quiet! Well that's not always possible! Some think quiet time has to be a full 30 minutes or it doesn't count! Some even think that there's a certain amount that has to be read in order to qualify as a quiet time! Some don't realize a simple reading plan could greatly enhance those times with God!

My quiet times have looked different in different seasons of my life.

But the one constant...seeking God!

If you are struggling with a consistent quiet time start asking people, "What does your quiet time look like?" "How much do you read?" "Do you have a reading plan?"

And maybe if you're comfortable with them ask them to observe their quiet may help in your own personal devotional life!

The more you are in Truth for yourself, the more you see the lies all around us!