Saturday, June 30, 2012

06/30/12 - Worldview

We all have a worldview: you, me, your friends, your family, we all have a worldview.

Worldview is a certain view you take on the world around you. A certain philosophy on life!

A worldview is like a pair of tinted glasses, let me explain.

Let's say I hand you a pair of yellow lens colored sunglasses. When you put them on you can only view the things around you with a yellow shade. Everything you see and view is effected by the yellow glasses. You can't see anything without a hue of yellow! 

So is a worldview!

Your worldview will tint everything you see! Everything!

How you view education, marriage, family, relationships, conflict, work, media choices, recreational activities, church, ministry, money, and everything else you do or think is effected by your worldview.

This is why it's so important to understand the culture is SCREAMING it's worldview at you! It's telling you to put on it's sunglasses and view the world through it's lens!

The culture's worldview stands in near completely opposition to a biblical worldview.

As followers of Christ we must seek to find the biblical worldview. To do this we have to be in God's word and seek hard after truth. The more we see through a biblical worldview, the easier it is to spot the worldviews the culture wants you to believe is truth. 

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