Monday, May 14, 2012

05/14/12 - It's a LIE!

Friends, have we bought the lie?

The lie that says that in order to be happy we have to focus on self? We have to become a better us? We have to seek our own identity. 

See our culture breeds this mindset. It says we have to get for ourselves that which no one else will give us! 

This is simply NOT TRUE!

As believers in God we are called to lay it all down at the foot of the cross. We are called to let God direct our steps. We are called to live our lives crucified with Christ. We're called to deny self! We are called to be God-centered, not me-centered. 

But too many of us believers have bought the lie. Thus we spin our wheels, seeking to make us happy, and to maintain our own personal identity! 

Friends this is a lie!

We are called to seek the cross, to live for Him, to develop for His glory, to reflect Him in EVERYTHING we do, and to not be self-seeking at all!

And want to know what's amazing? That when we seek to please Him above all: He gives us the deepest desires of our heart! He gives us our identity. He brings us deep joy and happiness!

Beloved friends please don't listen to the lie! 

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