Tuesday, April 10, 2012

04/10/12 - God's Ambassadors

In 1998 I visited a friend in New Jersey for a long weekend. We visited her church that Sunday morning and a group from Jews for Jesus were there. They gave a fascinating presentation of their ministry and the impact they were having for the gospel among Jews.

 After the presentation I went to speak to one of the young men. As he spoke to me I felt like he wasn't really interested in sharing any more with me. As we spoke he looked around at other people and just gave short answers. It just left me with an unpleasant taste in my mouth.

 Later that Sunday night a group of the singles from my friends church went downtown New York to a swing dance club. This man from Jews for Jesus came with us and spent the night flirting with and eventually making out with one of the single girls from my friends church.

 Here 14 years later I still remember this event...why, because for 14 years I've had a bad taste in my mouth for the ministry of Jews for Jesus.

 On Good Friday a man from Jews for Jesus came to do a presentation at our city wide service. It was then that this memory flooded my mind of my trip to New York. I realized that for all these years when I think of Jews for Jesus, I think of this young man.

He was an ambassador for the ministry. We're God's ambassadors. We're to represent Him to those around us. Yes, I realize this young man may not have realized the impact he was having on me...but do we ever know the full impact of our actions with others?

 If we're the only Christ followers someone comes in contact with, what will they think of God? What will they think of His ambassadors? Will we leave a "bad taste" for Christians in their memory?

 Let us always be mindful that we are God's ambassadors! We're called to represent Him to all we come in contact with. Only through His Spirit can we shine His light to those we meet. Let us make much of Him!

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