Saturday, February 18, 2012

02/18/12 - Young Man's Perspective

Recently I had a conversation with a young man about his future wife. He shared how he's been realizing how awesome it would be to be married. To have someone he could share his whole life with. A best friend, lover, confident, and someone who would point him more to Christ.

His perspective was a breath of fresh air to me!

In another conversation I had with a young man about his girlfriend I asked him, "Well, how serious are you with her?" He said, "At this point she's low maintenance and makes me happy. It's good for me now."

Do you see the sharp contrast in these two young men? One is looking at self, the other sees the true beauty of a helpmate created by God for him.

Praying my sons take on the mindset of the first young man in this culture that needs men to step up, set self aside, and be servant leaders of their homes!


Anonymous said...

Yes, that first man is right on! Thanks for encouraging servant leadership in young men, Heather. We single Christian girls want to marry men like that!

Jenae Teale said...

Ditto!! I hope he never gives up that dream! It can be all his if he will wait for God to deliver it. There are still girls who long to be that to a faithful and patient prince someday. Please tell the guys that!
While I'm here I want to tell you I just finished reading your book a week ago per the suggestion of a friend. It is what I have bee waiting for. I've posted it as a must read on my blog book list page. I can't say the road has been easy. I am in the process of making changes and reevaluating. It's hard to back off sometimes. But I trying to trust that it's best. I wish more guys would read it too! I'm realizing we do not understand what effect we are having on each other as guys and girls. Anyway, thank you so much. I will definitely be lending my voice to get the message out! God's richest blessings on you, you family, and your ministry!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Not to be devil's advocate (or maybe to be, either way I hate the term! :)), cannot the goals of the emulable young man also be considered selfish? I mean, he wants to be with a woman for life b/c he does not want to be alone (he would rather share his life with someone), w/o confidence (just to use the examples you provided) and w/o someone close who could point him to Christ etc. I believe those are good goals, but they are still focused on him. To be honest, I don't think there is anything wrong with that, but most of the books I read these days, blogs etc. would say that we are to sacrifice everything for our wives and families and lay down our own desires (it seems at almost all times, though some would allow for some personal pleasure (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, in any or every facet of life) as well, not absolute and total sacrifice)). I just do not see that as palatable long term. Who marries someone they don't want (desire) to be with, enjoy or 'like'? I think sometimes the "death to self" talk can go a little too far. Marriage is not a funeral, it is a celebration! Peace in Jesus!