Saturday, January 28, 2012

01/28/12 - Daily Bible Reading

One of the spiritual disciplines we as Christ followers should be striving towards, is daily bible reading.

Honestly, writing the word "striving" makes it seem like the disciple of daily bible reading is within our power. Quite frankly it's not! In our flesh we're unable to please God.

When you are plugged into the power of the Holy Spirit reading your bible daily becomes a pure delight! You long for those times and look forward to what God is going to say to you out of His love letter!

Whenever anyone is just getting started in the disciple of daily bible reading I encourage them to start with the Proverbs of the day. So today someone would read Proverbs 28. This at least gets someone in the habit of daily reading.

In different seasons of my life I've had to change up how I "do" quiet time and I'd like to share a few different ways I've grown this muscle of daily bible time.

When I was single I could spend a day reading, fasting, and praying. I could feast on God's Word for hours at a time. Those times were so precious to me and I would encourage any single to use this season to feast, get to know the Word, and fall in love with God and His Word!

Since I've been married my quiet times have gone through different seasons. I've had to adjust with what is going on around me and what is required of me.

When the demands of my time were the greatest (during the newborn stage and having two boys 15 months apart) my quiet time was pretty much whatever I could get in throughout the day. I left my bible in places I could easily grab and to my nursing chair, in the van, in the kitchen, in the bathroom.

I also printed up verses and posted them above my kitchen sink. This way I was filling up, albeit nibbles, on God's Word.

As the boys have gotten older I am entering a new season of what quiet time looks like. At times I am able to turn on piano worship music, have a couple of different translations of the bible with me, a journal, and a pen. I read a passage, I read the footnotes, I read it in the other translation,I may read a commentary, and I journal.

This year I am going through the book of Psalms.

I've also taken a chunk of scripture and read it over and over and over for months. For example last year I read the sermon on the mount for 8 months.

You may even want to read the entire bible. Cover to cover is a great way to read the Word, but also reading it chronologically helps give one a different perspective of the bible.

My husband will go to and read the verse of the day. Then he'll read that entire chapter. This is one way for him to get some reading in at work.

Of course we're going to all have different times, different ways, and different methods to reading our bible...the the same should be that we're ingesting God's Word daily!

What do you do for your quiet time?

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Evelyn said...

in one and a half year (6.2009.-31¸12.2010.) I`ve managed to read the entire Bible. last year 82011.) I haven`t managed to read the entire Bible. This year I`m not reading every day. I do not know why. I was just telling that to one sister in Church this morning.
Thank you for this post. It really encourages me to read more.
I am single, but work (free practice in kindergarten) so "I don`t have time", but I know I just need to organise time and enjoy in the Word!
God bless Heather

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where I first heard this, but it's a great quote: "The Bible says "pray without ceasing"... not "cease everything and pray". God wants us to learn how to pray in the midst of our activity." -Lindsay

Anonymous said...

I can't say enough how powerful and transformative Bible reading has been for me. I have also noticed that it is NOT just Bible reading, but also reading from good and capable preachers, teachers, pastors and theologians from the past and present that has helped me understand what The Word of God means in a particular passage and how to apply it to my life. I make sure to be either in The Word or in some other good and sound Christian product everyday (book, commentary, Bible Dictionary, sermons (written or audio), blogs Christian magazine articles etc.)).