Monday, December 12, 2011

12/12/11 - What comes out...

When someone bumps into your selfishness, what comes spilling out?

Jesus? Grace? Patience?

Or Anger? Frustration? Critical words?

We live in a culture that is always looking to blame someone else. (let's face it, Adam blamed God and Eve way back in the very beginning!) No one wants to take personal responsibility for their our actions or responses.

My five year old's classic line is, "Miles made me do it mom!"

I have always remind him that he is in charge of his emotions, his attitude, and his response.

That lesson is one we all have to remember. When someone mistreats us, speaking mean to us, gossips about us, or intentionally hurts us...our response to them is still our response. We have a choice to let Jesus spill out or a sinful fleshly reaction.

I am not saying it's easy to let Jesus spill's downright impossible without the aid and help of the Holy Spirit.

Next time your looking to blame the guy for cutting you off on the road that caused you to yell and scream...think again...that anger is already in there, he just bumped into it!

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