Friday, December 9, 2011

12/09/11 - Stuff, Christmas, and Gifts

In the last couple of weeks there's been a deep stirring in me about Christmas.

A couple of things have happened, but it's more of the overarching theme of this year. My heart wants simplicity, wants to honor God, wants to be Christ-centered, wants to be moment by moment walking in the Spirit.

As Christmas comes I have begun to search what can I do different? I am tired of stuff! I've spent this whole year getting rid of stuff, stuff that clutters my mind, my house, my ability to live fully for Christ.

John and I try to go small at Christmas. We don't spend more than about $100 to $125 on all three boys. We normally don't exchange gifts with each other. We don't exchange gifts with cousins on one side of the family. We try to keep it all under $250 (we do buy for our parents, renters, and secret Santa exchange)

But Christmas has nothing to do with us! However in our culture we've made it all about us, with wish lists, overspending, busyness, and buying toys for our kids who already have loads of stuff.

So what does this mean? No gifts at all?

No...but refocusing our gift giving. Read this blog speaks so deeply to my heart and what I'd like to do next year: A Radical Christmas

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Narelle Worboys said...

Heather, my sister has a great way of blending the family-gift-giving with helping those who really need help. She picks a gift from Gospel for Asia's gift catalogue (i.e. chickens, blankets, bicycle, etc) and GFA provide her with a gift card to give to the family member which says something like, "On your behalf I donated blankets/bike/whatever to help these people..." =)

I think I told you already re. the linked article, I really love the focus that family has created for their giving.