Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11/16/11 - The Company You Keep

I wish that young (well and older) people realized the damage of keeping bad company! If close friends aren't challenging you to become more like Christ, chances are they will make you less like Him.

It's sad to watch a strong Christian young person head off to college, ready to take on the world, but be so blown over by the strong winds of the world.

And it starts by the company we keep. Not just the once a month encounter with friends, but those people you hang out with all the time. The longer you spend time with people the more you become like them.

What do they talk about? What excites them? Do you feel uncomfortable talking about spiritual things with them? Do they bubble over with Jesus?

It's important to ask tough questions of our friendships and be the type of friend that pulls people to become more like Christ!

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