Monday, November 21, 2011

11/21/11 - The Power Source

Today I watched the sermon The Power Source by James McDonald and it made my heart just beat with passion!

Too many Christians are trying to walk the Christian life on their own strength. They read the commands to forgive, love, be patient, be kind, give to the poor and the list is endless...and find that it is just too plain exhausting to do in their own strength.

We're not called to "be" Christians in our own strength. We are given the Holy Spirit, the indwelling of Christ, in us, to fulfill what He wants us to do.

Many Christians are living in "flesh auto pilot", trying to work out their walk in Christ all on their own. They are plain worn out, not victorious over sin, and tired of trying to be good. Worship becomes "going through the right motions". They lack joy and see little spiritual fruit in their life.

Living in the power of the Holy Spirit gives you all you need to live a very full life, hidden in Christ Jesus. We're no longer seeing the world through the flesh, but through the Spirit. We operate at a totally different level. (Oh and this is totally opposite world to live in the Spirit...just be warned you may be looked at like a nut case!)

If you are struggling in your walk with Christ, if you wonder why it's so hard to be good all the time, if worship doesn't just excite you, or if you are just tired, please take time to listen to this message. I believe that if every Christ follower tapped into THE POWER SOURCE we'd turn the world on its head!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

11/17/11 - Unresolved Conflict

Unresolved conflict in a church family is like cancer that grows and festers. I've heard stories of people who had no idea they had cancer until it was in later stages. Then it takes some extreme measures to rid their bodies of the cancer.

Same with unresolved conflict in a church (or in a family), it spreads and does damage and from the outside the "body" might look healthy, but inside there's a foreign substance eating away at the body.

Not only does it eat at the fabric of a church body, it grieves the Holy Spirit! Many times in scripture we're commanded to not have divisions and be united. Yes, there's going to be conflicts, that's why Jesus lays out in Matthew 5 and 18 how to be a peacemakers with others. It's a command to resolve conflicts!

Are there people at your church you just avoid because you don't like them?
Are there people you haven't forgiven for something they've done or said?
Are you holding onto any grudges because you think you need to be justified or defended to someone?
Are you gossiping or slandering people you go to church with?
Have you heard a rumor but not checked the facts, so your attitude towards someone is cast in a negative light?
Are you living at peace with all men, so much as it depends on you?
Are you willing to humble yourself and admit your wrong with a person who you don't think "deserves" your apology?

Oh may the body of Christ rid itself of cancer. Let it start with me, with us, and spread! I'll tell you there is absolute FREEDOM in dealing biblical with an unresolved conflict. Having conflict weighs down your heart and will effect everyone you worship with!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11/16/11 - The Company You Keep

I wish that young (well and older) people realized the damage of keeping bad company! If close friends aren't challenging you to become more like Christ, chances are they will make you less like Him.

It's sad to watch a strong Christian young person head off to college, ready to take on the world, but be so blown over by the strong winds of the world.

And it starts by the company we keep. Not just the once a month encounter with friends, but those people you hang out with all the time. The longer you spend time with people the more you become like them.

What do they talk about? What excites them? Do you feel uncomfortable talking about spiritual things with them? Do they bubble over with Jesus?

It's important to ask tough questions of our friendships and be the type of friend that pulls people to become more like Christ!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/15/11 - Brokenness Is the First Step in Revival

Are you spiritually dry? Going through the motions, but having no joy and feeling like you're just spinning your spiritual wheels?

In the last three years God has begun to show me the importance of walking in brokenness. To walk in brokenness, you have to let God break you. You have to allow Him to show you your sin, you have to be willing to see it for what it is: sin.

Sin breaks the fellowship, that intimate, sweet fellowship with our Lord. So many of us have become callous to this sin that our hearts are hard. We have a hard time seeing our sin for what it is. We have fancy names for our sin to avoid really seeing them as sin.

True brokenness will lead to revival in your spirit. Once you live with the "roof off with God and walls down with others" you will find a freedom in Christ that is sweet.

If you don't know where to start, can I recommend: Seeking Him bible study. This will lay out a fresh look at revival and why you need it to feel the fresh wind of God's Spirit in your life.

Monday, November 14, 2011

11/14/11 - Becoming The Person God Wants Me To Be

Over the past couple of months my heart has been stirring with many thoughts. I think about coming to blog, to write it out, but the words fail me and the Holy Spirit stops me.

God is refining me. I am not the same person I was a month ago, a year ago or even 3 years ago. When I think about who I was even three years ago I shutter. His sanctification process has been so intense, but exciting. Learning to be like Christ is an endless frontier

He's showing me even more the importance of 1) Being Christ-centered in every action of every day. 2) Living out biblical womanhood in my life and 3) Being focused on the ministry He's called me to (being a wife/mom and starting a marriage ministry with my husband)

This has allowed me to have a single, pin point, focus in a way I've never experienced before. Again hard to put into words, but in this book I am reading (Entrusted with the Heart of a Child) she talks about how God gives us a puzzle when we're saved and as we go about the process of sanctification the puzzle takes shape and we start to see the bigger picture of what God has called for us to do.

In the last year I've seen this puzzle take shape even more and it's exciting.

My faith is strong because of the good things He has done. I look forward to what the next few months and years will bring.