Monday, October 17, 2011

10/17/11 - No More Game Playing

Are you playing games with your faith, with God, with your walk?

It's not time to play games.

Either you're full on or your off! Get off the fence.

Throw sin far from you! Repent, turn, get your heart pure, clear your conscience with others, and make a change.

Maybe you feel like you don't know where to start, maybe you want to get back in the game fully, then let me suggest two of James MacDonald's messages on repentance. Part 1 was last week, part 2 was this week's message. Take it serious, God needs us to be full on!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/05/11 - God Answered...

Job 38:1 The the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind....

Is your life in a whirlwind. Do you wonder where God is?

Listen, He'll answer even in the storms!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10/04/11 - Emotionally Healthy Church

I've recently finished a book: The Emotionally Healthy Church. This book is a must read if you are wanting to work in ministry or work with people at all (so yeah pretty much for anyone).

This book is written for pastors and church leaders, but is a valuable resources for YOU!

I don't recall putting a hold on the library for this, but one night my husband brought it home for me. I started reading and couldn't put it down.

It answered a lot of questions and confirmed a lot of my beliefs about emotional maturity.

The author states: If you don't grown emotionally, you can't grow spiritually. That is a power packed sentence.

After giving you a test to asses your own emotional maturity, he goes on to share 5 key areas we must seek to grow in.

  • Breaking the Power of our Past
  • Live in Brokenness and Vulnerability
  • Receive the Gift of Limits (having healthy boundaries)
  • Embracing Grief and Loss
  • Making the Incarnation your Model for Loving Well
These five power packed chapters will give you a fresh perspective for ministry, motherhood, friendship, and life!

I hope you take time to read this book, not just for the Body of Christ, but for your own heart!

Monday, October 3, 2011

10/03/11 - Authentic Christian Living

I listened to Alex and Stephen Kendrick on FamilyLife this week. They are the brothers behind the movie: Courageous. (Which we're going to see on Saturday night with two other couples) They were talking about their own dad and one of them said something that has just replayed over and over in my mind. When talking about his dad he said that he (and their mom) lived out authentic Christian living in their home.

Authentic Christian living modeled and lived out.


Often times in parenting I think about this method or that tool. I contemplate if I am training the correct way. I doubt myself or a certain way I had a situation.

But when my sons are 40 I want them to say, "My parents lived out authentic Christian living"

So what is authentic Christian living?

This topic has been on my radar for awhile, but heightened since having 6 little eyes watching everything I do.

Here are a few things to me that are authentic Christian living:

  • Living with the "roof off" with God. Being will to admit your mistakes and not hiding any sin from God.
  • Living with the "walls down" with other people. This is so huge and I think plays itself out in many forms 1) Not holding grudges with other people, being quick to forgive others. 2) Not being critical of others and how they may do things different than how you do things 3) Serving others 4) Not speaking ill of those who are your leaders/bosses/church leaders
  • Keeping a clear conscience
  • Not thinking more highly of yourself. Keeping yourself in the shadow of the cross.
  • You are the same exact person Sunday morning in Church that you are Tuesday night or Saturday night...complete consistency in who you are
  • Being aware of the Holy Spirit in every moment of your life
  • Actively pursing holiness, letting your kids know and see this authentic desire for purity in all areas of your life
  • Prayer is not just something talked about, but something DONE! In all situations and for all things!
  • The word of God is read, studied, loved, enjoyed, appreciated, and discussed in the home.
  • Being humble and broken
  • Being consistent with rules
  • Look for heart attitude, more than just change the action
  • Caring more about the inside (heart) than the, house, clothes, external appearances or behavior
  • Honoring your parents (the children's grandparents)
  • Being transparent with your kids (age appropriate)
  • Having no huge family secrets
  • Openly talking about feelings about emotionally painful or hard things
  • Obeying the law
  • Not using control or fear to get them to obey
  • Not ever treating your kids like they are a bother or that they are getting in the way of you doing what you want
  • Serving your family with a genuine love and selflessness
  • Being hardworking
  • Having complete integrity
  • Husband loving their wives
  • Wives respecting their husbands
  • Husbands being the servant leader
  • Wives joyfully submitting to that servant leadership
  • Laughing together

What would you add to this list? Or what would you take away?