Tuesday, July 26, 2011

07/26/11 - It's Broken

Why do we look to things of this world and think, "What's going on?" Friends, it's broken! Broken by sin. By my sin. By your sin.

It's broken! We shouldn't expect it to be comfortable, easy, or even to go smooth.

It's not how God created it to be. He created it perfect. We messed it up. Sin messed it up! It's cursed!

If you're talking to non-believing friends just ask them, "How's life going? Is it working like you thought it would?"

"No", would be the answer. It's not supposed to work here on earth apart from God. There's no peace or true joy without Christ.

Friends, it's broken. There's only one hope, one place to put our faith and trust and that's in Christ Jesus and Him crucified for all sin.


Narelle said...

Thanks, Heather! Seated at the computer, I read this aloud to Mum in the kitchen. She called out, "Forward that to me? I want to learn those phrases."
Lately we've both heard a lot of "what has happened to this world" comments, from _Christians_. This will be a great way to answer them. =)

Evelyn said...

Thank you Heather! God bless