Friday, July 22, 2011

07/22/11 - Secret Sins

We've bought the lie that our private, secret sins don't effect anyone. We think we can live in direct disobedience to God and His Word, yet still be involved in our local church, our local ministry, and in discipleship of others in the faith. We believe God will hear our prayers and answer them. We believe it effects no one.

This, my friends, is a lie.

You secret sin effects the body of Christ. It breaks it down. It weakens it. You've put a breach in the wall.

Confess your sin, repent, and find accountability. Hide no more! Being secretive about your sin will eat at your body like cancer. Do whatever you can to remove that "cancer"! Get radical about purging sin from your life, your body, your mind.

Life your life in the power of the Holy Spirit, blameless and pure before our Almighty God!

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