Tuesday, July 12, 2011

07/12/11 - Money and Marriage

You may be single and years away from marriage, but how you spend your money has the possibility of effecting your marriage and future.

I see a trend that I want you to be aware of: young people acquire large amounts of debt even before they are married and within the first few years of marriage. Then they feel God calling them to something different (become a stay-at-home mom, adopt, downsize, go on the mission field overseas...or a host of other things), but have become a slave to their debt.

In our culture we must have the biggest and best, the latest and greatest. This attitude has filtered into the church, so we've become caught up to this slave master of debt. Being enslaved to our debt limits what we can do because of the money millstone around our necks.

My advice: stay debt-free or work your tail off to become debt-free before you get married!

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