Tuesday, June 7, 2011

06/07/11 - Surprise

So we have this HUGE surprise for our boys on Saturday. They have no idea what's coming, they have no idea the blessing that is in store for them on Saturday.

Because we have this surprise that will wear them out, we've decided to have a super low key week. We're not going to go anywhere, we're just going to be home, and be calm. (or try to be calm...mom and dad are super excited as well!)

As I got thinking about this, I thought of when God has some BIG thing around the corner in our life. We may think, "Life is dull! Nothing is happening! Why does life seem so low key, when I am looking for some excitement?"

Well, maybe God has some HUGE surprise for you just around the corner. Maybe He's got you in a season of rest to prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead.

So trust Your Heavenly Father knows what's coming and watch for His movement in your life.

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