Monday, May 16, 2011

05/16/11 - Cleaning House

I've been cleaning house. Not just dusting and vacuuming, but deep cleaning and purging!

A friend blogged about this book: Organized Simplicity: A Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living and it peaked my interest. Being intentional about living has been on my radar for about 4 years.

But let me back up about a month ago.

I looked around my house and felt overwhelmed by stuff, almost suffocated! Why do we have so much stuff? How do we collect so much? We try to not, but I felt so overwhelmed.

So I started a garage sale pile and it filled more than 1/2 of my front porch! I felt pretty good about this dent of stuff getting out of my house. We had a garage sale, but it wasn't well attended because of a new law in my town that we're not able to put out signs, other than on our own yard.

Then I check out Organized Simplicity from the library and it gave me a fresh perspective on purging and organizing my house.

My husband and I decided to have another 1 day garage sale at my in-laws because they live on a busy street.

So with this book in hand and a fresh perspective on my stuff, I started through each and every drawer, cabinet, pantry, desk, sheets, towel, bathrooms, cleaning supplies, and I still have yet to go through the toy room, boy's bedroom and our bedroom.

My porch is filling up again. I've examined everything I have and asked, "Does this fit our vision for our family? Is it filling up too much space for something we hardly use? Can we live with out it?"

Some things I've kept because it does fit with our vision and other things I've let go of.

I feel light! I feel like my house can breath in a new way!

If you're feeling overwhelmed by stuff, can I recommend this book? It's an excellent resource.


Lindsay said...

I've heard about that book too! I'd really like to get it, and hit the ground running on purging my house of the unwanted/unnecessary stuff once I get back from my mission trip in mid-June. I think that seeing another way of life and standard of living will help motivate me to see my stuff for what it truly is. And, I think that the hours I will spend sorting, tossing, and getting together my donation pile will allow for some great prayer time & reflection about my trip- an added bonus! :)

Joy said...

Heather: I just moved my family of three from our house to two fully furnished bedrooms where we're living for a year while fund-raising, and soon we'll be getting rid of everything that doesn't fit into three crates that we'll ship overseas. It's so freeing! I want to live like this all of the time.