Monday, May 9, 2011

05/09/11 - Authenticity

Since I took a mini-break from blogging, I've not picked back up "Girls Gone Wise" Wednesdays. But I've continued to go through the book with my niece.

Friday we talked about authenticity.

A girl gone wise in this wild world is the same person Sunday morning as she is Saturday night, or Tuesday afternoon or Thursday night.

A wild girl puts on different masks and acts different depending on who she is with.

Being an authentic woman of God means your life is consistent with your worship on Sunday. I believe when a watching world sees that inconsistency with Christians, it makes the statement, "I don't go to church because it's filled with a bunch of hypocrites" correct.

Breaks my heart really!

A flippant attitude towards being a woman who is consistent, paints God to be a wimpy God. A God not worthy of total surrender. I'd rather someone not come to church, than to come on Sunday, different than who they are the rest of the week! Just devalues our amazing King!

Here's Mary's video for the chapter: Spotting a Fake

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