Friday, May 6, 2011

05/06/11 - Helping our Sisters

I got this e-mail from a wife whose husband has been battling an issue with pornography:

“We have a few women in our church that dress immodestly. I so badly want to go up to them and say, ‘Don't you know what you are doing to my husband? Can't he even come to church and not have to battle this?’”

Do you know women, that there are other sisters in Christ who are battling pornography in their homes? Their husbands want to be free, but at every turn are being bombarded with images that tempt him.

Yes, saying that cleavage is inappropriate may sound legalistic and putting on rules, but I think of my sisters in Christ who are striving to be Godly wives and have God honoring marriages who feel like they have to “do battle” with immodesty even at church.

Please let’s encourage and help one another in this area. May we gentle correct, with grace and love. Older women take the lead in this. Don’t encourage immodesty among the younger women in your lives. Dress modestly and let the “hidden person of your heart” be what motivates you.

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