Thursday, April 21, 2011

04/21/11 - Leaving and Cleaving (part 5)

I asked an "older" more "wiser" woman her thoughts on the "leaving" process. Here's what she shared:

"There is a leaving at the wedding, and it actually starts before, but there still is a relationship with parents, one the bible even addresses. Honoring your parents I believe is living a God-honoring life, not parent-honoring life, even though it honors the parents, that is not the focus.

Living financially independently is just one of the ways a new couple will not depend on parents. The decision making is now made by the couple, not that parents won't be asked for guidance and wisdom, but the ultimate decision is made by the couple.

Conflicts are now handled without the parents involvement, and many women run home to mother to vent, not really looking for advice, just to be heard. But, I do believe all of these issues can be done within the guidelines of living in a complementary fashion. Meaning the parents complement and enhance their children's marriages by not stepping over boundaries, yet having involvement with their adult children when asked.

The command to honor our parents is not rescinded at the marriage when the new family is formed, it is still in effect, but I think it's important to state that it's not obeying the parents. The best way to honor parents is to live a life that honors God, that honors the parents more than anything."

The highest way a young couple can honor their parents, is to honor God. When the couple is seeking the Lord, they will seek right relationships with those around them. Great thoughts!

I'd love your thoughts on "leaving and cleaving"!

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