Wednesday, April 13, 2011

04/13/11 - Counterfeit Womanhood

Have you heard that bank tellers spend a lot of time "studying" real money. The more they know the details of real money, the easier for them to spot counterfeit money.

For 40 years the culture has "preached" a counterfeit womanhood to us.

This has become our "real" womanhood. Even in the walls of our churches.

We must saturate ourselves with what biblical womanhood looks like. It looks radically different than what we've come to believe as "real" womanhood.

Don't be fooled! Get into the Word of God in a very intentional way to seek out what God is calling His daughters to. Filter every cultural message of womanhood through the filter of the scripture.

Oh fellow sisters of Christ, let us show what the real womanhood looks like!


Roxana said...

Dear Heather,
so glad you're back - hope you dealt with everything you needed to....
Why all this movement and talk in Christian churches and circles about "biblical womanhood"/manhood?
Why not follow Christian CHARACTER development, with all its faith Principles? These sex-differences are shown in relationships - especially in marriage and family. But if someone does not develop christian character, one cannot be biblical in relationships and in the "roles in relationships" (as who has God goven authority, who is to submit, what does it mean) etc.
I see too much focus on particular issues (feminine, masculine) and not on the core, the basis - the godly character, no matter christian woman or man.

Heather Patenaude said...

I think it is assumed that one must be pursing Christ-likeness in every area of their life. I talk about this often.

But we've (the Church) have adopted so much of the cultures view on manhood and womanhood that the evangelical tool of marriage has lost it's ability to point people to Christ and the Church, which is the main point of marriage.

Roxana said...

Ok, I understand.
But than the real problem is culture's invasion over biblical living and Christian faith's principles - in other words, world's invasion into the Church and non-genuine Christian living (or half-hearted living). Than the answer is returning to the core (genuine born-again life), and not fighting against different cultural issues, right? You don't have to fight all the possible lies, you just go straight to the truth, right?

If a man/woman is pursuing Christ-likeness, he/she will also be biblical in their relationships as being "biblical feminine"/masculine - it's a consequence of Christ's character manifested in specifics of relationships and genre. I'm telling you this from my own experience, and that of John also.
We didn't know how to "act properly" in certain male-female relationships, and we both made our mistakes, from wich we learned. Then we returned to in depth-analysis of biblical principles and applied them in our relationships - for example, what kind of respect and affection is due to a brother from his sister in Christ etc.
So, with Holy Spirit guiding and practical application of biblical principles of the godly character, I can say that we're both approaching progressively the biblical model. I think this is the only way to real change, and to reach the goal of being what God wants His children to be, both men and women.

The major problem that I see in these "biblical womanhood/manhood" movements are that they don't deal with the core of the issue: the battle against ego, selfishness, "the beast of self".
It's pretty easy to understand with the mind what you are commanded to do: to be humble, submissive, respectful, serving, long-suffering etc. Problem is.... these require true love, sacrifice, killing selfishness... do you do all that? How do you constantly work with God to change your character towards these traits? They never deal with that, and they don't recognize the fact that this is the outcome of a deep, constant, progressive genuine relationship to Christ, in which you are surrendered to God and His work in you, and you constantly fight against your ego and selfishness to allow God to fill you with His supernatural love for people.

Hope I make sense ...:)