Thursday, March 24, 2011

03/24/11 - Remnant

Does anyone feel like God is calling a remnant of people to raise up and live a standard of holiness that causes stir in the church?

I've sensed in my heart there's "remnant people" within the walls of the church that God is calling out.

This is an example of what I mean: a girlfriend on Facebook recently posted how her and her husband were convicted to not watch a certain TV show because of a male/male kiss. Someone actually called her a "hate monger" because she's okay with male/female kisses, but not male/male kisses. This person was a believer!

I've seen people brush off sin like gossip, pride, sex outside of marriage, and other very clear violations to God's word in the name of "grace". Yes, we extend grace, but we don't use it to sin!

Those of us who have this deep stirring for deeper things of the Lord must be bold, speak out, and not shrink back from critics! We have to find each other and encourage each other in our pursuit of purity, holiness and Christ-likeness in every aspect of our lives!

It's not going to get any easier to stand strong on convictions that are counter-cultural, so even more reason to speak out and find each other in our Christian community that can tend to be more complacent then outspoken about sin!

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