Tuesday, March 22, 2011

03/22/11 -The Blessings

In our Christian community would we tend to get more excited over someone getting a $20,000 raise or having baby number 6?

I am not a mom of lots of kids (although some think three should be a family limit), but I know a few and do you know that they receive been most criticized by their church family: snide comments, chuckles and down right rude comments! I've heard Christian bash other Christians because of their choice to have a large family. Things like, "Don't they know what causes that?!?" or "Someone needs to get that man a box of condoms!"

How is it that Christians are so quick to rejoice when a man who's been unemployed for 6 months gets a job, but we judge or make fun of a family wanting more kids than what is culturally acceptable.

Children are a blessing, a gift and have more eternal weight and value than any $20,000 raise someone might receive!

We must check the motives of our heart and be very careful how we poke fun of people in our Church family who do things different than ourselves. It's a slippery slope of dissension in the body of Christ!


Julie said...

All depends on the context, I guess. Nobody has any right to comment on larger-than-usual family size if all children are happy, healthy and well provided for.

BekLovesJeremy said...

yay! good stuff. it REALLY bothers me when people make comments like that. we've gotten plenty of comments about having our four so close. i often wonder WHY people think it's any of their business. when i told someone we were expecting #3 they said they didn't know if they should laugh or cry. jeremy said, well we're happy, so you can go ahead and laugh with us!:)
even if we didn't plan it GOD did and there is nothing but happiness in a new life coming into the world.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this.
Mrs. I

Heather "Paulsen" Patenaude said...

Mrs. I

You're welcome!