Monday, March 21, 2011

03/21/11 - Drawing Near

"Draw near to God and He'll draw near to you" James 4:8

Often times we think, "Why am I stuck in this sin?" "Why does God feel so far away?" "Why am I struggling with this same issue for years on end?" "Why am I so unhappy?" "Where is this joy God promises us?"

I am sure at one point or another in your walk with Christ you've asked one of these questions. Yet we're told to "draw near to God". There's a proactive, moving forward implication of this verse.

God doesn't move farther away from us, He patiently waits for us. Once we make the first step towards being closer to Him, He'll draw near.

If you're feeling distant ask God what "drawing near to Him" looks like for you. You'll be surprised at how quickly He responds! I love God so much!!


Sand Castles and Snow Forts said...

I heard an amazing Bible teacher preach a sermon called "Dare to Draw Near." So many want their lives different, but they don't have the courage to draw near to God because He promised to draw near. No one drawing close to God can remain the same. Daring to draw near means you're ready to change your life. This is one of my favorite verses. Just a reminder that He's there... waiting.

Evelyn said...

Dear Heather, at this moment, three months after you posted this post, I feel like I`m far away of God. It is hard to walk like He wants, because Satan on my every turn gives me something that I wish deep in my heart for God to give me. Like husband, Satan gives me occasions every day to meet some cute boy that is unbeliever, and that makes me cry....
I know God has plan for my life, I know He has something the best for me, but it is hard to fight every day....
I pray Lord to give me strenght, peace and will to wait for His will.