Friday, March 18, 2011

03/18/11 - Diet Coke

I'll admit that I used to drink a lot of diet coke ($1 diet coke's at McDonald's were a weakness)! After my husband stopped drinking diet coke I saw the difference it made in how he felt. So I thought, "I'll give up diet coke for three months and see if I feel different."

So January 1st I went cold turkey!

It's not been as bad as I thought, but last week I really was fighting a cold that left me down right exhausted! My boys also had this cold and were sleeping 12 hours a night and taking 3 hour this sickness wore us out!

On Saturday I asked my husband to pick me up a diet coke, for the caffeine, but one taste and YUCK, it was AWFUL!

It tasted like chemicals and fizz all in one. Blah!

Don't think I'll be going back even after the three months is up, but what it made me realize is how I've become re-sensitive to the real taste of diet coke.

If we're constantly taking in movies, TV shows, books and other entertainment with violence, sexual promiscuity, disobedient children, wives who belittle their husbands, vile language and so on we become de-sensitive to the "real" sin of these issues. They become common to us.

Can I challenge you to re-sensitize yourself to what is pure, lovely, and of good repute! Ask God to show you what it would take and go for it!


A HopeFul Romantic said...

Great example! One that comes to my mind is that of God's name being used in vain around us(on TV, the radio, friends), and we stop caring or whincing, or standing up for His name--it's important to remain sensitive, and not to go numb.

~LaJoie~ said...

Just stumbled across your blog . . . thank you for your Biblical insight and wisdom; it's very rare in this day and age.

I wrote a blog last week called "Nineteen and Never Been Kissed," because I feel that even the Christian community has been desensitized in many ways, but especially towards keeping ourselves pure in body and mind.

God bless!