Thursday, March 17, 2011

03/17/11 - Does Biblical Womanhood Matter?

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Biblical Womanhood....does it matter?

In the last couple of years God has been teaching me a lot about biblical womanhood and the more I study the more I realize how FAR off the mark we are in the church on womanhood! (This isn't just about being a stay at home mom!)

Satan tempted Eve first, he's still after us women and we've fallen for it.

The sharp contrast of a biblical woman vs. what the culture teaches womanhood is, is black and white, night and day, east vs. west. Yet, we don't seem to take becoming women that exhibit biblical womanhood very seriously.

Our churches are filled with evangelical feminists who've bit the "fruit" and lies of the feminist movement. We hardly know the difference and it's not being taught by most pastors because of the "sensitivity" and "fightin' words" nature of the concept of biblical womanhood.

If you'd like to study biblical womanhood I'd suggest four things: the book of Titus, Proverbs 31, Biblical Portrait of Womanhood and The True Woman Manifesto.

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