Wednesday, March 16, 2011

03/16/11 - Girls Gone Wise Wednesday

Here's this week's study questions: Body Language

Mary's vlog of the week: Flirt to Convert

The contrast of the "Girl-Gone-Wild" woman "uses suggestive body language to attract the attention of men. Her counter part, the Girl-Gone-Wise, is demure. She does not resort to deceptive charm." (pg 110)

"A charm is any method of enchanting and compelling him." (pg 112)

A wild woman uses her body for her own underlying selfish agenda. A wise woman has surrendered her body language to God and doesn't use it at all to get anything she wants outside of God's timing.

The culture is training young women how to be sexual and charming, however we are to reserve this for our marriage!

So far what has been the point of contrast that has spoken to you the most?

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