Tuesday, March 8, 2011

03/08/11 - Leave and Cleave

It seems like God brings things to me in many different ways and lately the concept of "leave and cleave" has come up and I just want to share my own struggle with this.

Before I got married I would have thought this process would be natural and easy. But it was not natural and was harder than I thought.

I grew up in a close knit family. I lived at home till I got married and my parents were a powerful, positive influence in my life. I am thankful for their guidance and godly counsel.

But when I married John, I joined a new "team". Actually we started a new "team". In those early years of our marriage I found that I wanted to "check in with my parents" or make sure "they'd be okay" with whatever decision we were making.

This came in very subtle ways and so it made it harder to weed out and make sure that John and I were standing together as a team, seeking God together and seeking His approval only for anything we decided to do as a family.

Leaving and cleaving involves being intentional about putting your full alliance with your mate! You're starting a new team and as a woman you're the "cheerleader" of this team!

Hope this can help other new brides cleave fully to their husbands and to God in this new journey!

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