Friday, March 4, 2011

03/04/11 - Off Limits

"God, no You can't ask that of me!"

"God, really You want me to change that!"

"God, You can't really want me to say that!

What are your "off limits" to God: singleness, mission field, being barren, moving, finding a new job in this awful economy, a new group of friends, a ministry at your local church, overeating, an anti-depressant, repairing a broken relationship, or down sizing so you can be a stay at home mom?

What are you afraid to let go of?

As soon as something becomes "off limits" to God, it becomes an idol in our life. It's really that simple! We're choosing the flesh over the Spirit. We're choosing our way over God's way. We're thinking we know what's best for our life, our family or our church.

Surrender is a process in the Christian walk, not an easy one, but an essential one to mature in faith!

And remember the things that God is calling you to let go of, maybe totally different than what He's calling someone else no judgement, no being critical, just trust that they are on their path towards surrender! (Preaching that to myself!)


Evelyn said...

Gos bless!
This weekens I was in Crikvenica, Croatia.
Students, and other, from Split, Zagreb, Rijeka (Croatia), Sarajevo (Bosnia) and, first time this year, Slovenia gather each other every year on a Bible conference, Campus Crusade for Christ, and we worship Lord, sing to Him, and have lectures about Bible.
This year the theme was "Epic Story" (Adam & Eve, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus Christ).
Every year I feel the power of Holy Spirit, I feel that we are one because we all (some students are not, yet) beleive in Lord.
I want to work for God, I want to give him everything, I want all I do, I do because He wants that, bacause it`s His will.
I`˙m full of joy dear Heather, and I wish that God blesses you and your entire family!
God bless

Heather "Paulsen" Patenaude said...


I always appreciate your comments! I am excited for you! This conference sounds like it blessed your heart and caused you to grow closer to our Lord...awesome!

Have a blessed day friend!