Tuesday, February 22, 2011

02/22/11 - The Pill

Recently the topic of "the pill" has come up with a couple of friends. I've never used hormonal birth control and I will never use any type of hormonal birth control, but the more I've dug, the more I feel like I can't keep silent!

I've known for sometime that the pill can cause a fertilized egg to be unable to implant, but as I've done more research and dug deeper into this issue I can't help but share.
Here's a 4 minute video that's worth your time! How "The Pill" works as an Abortifacient
Ask yourself, "Would I take the pill if there was even a 1% chance of an abortion?"

Here's an interesting article (it's about 5 pages): Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?

The most telling quote to me in this entire article is: "Dr. Walt Larimore has told me that whenever he has presented this evidence to audiences of secular physicians, there has been little or no resistance to it. But when he has presented it to Christian physicians there has been substantial resistance. Since secular physicians do not care whether the Pill prevents implantation, they tend to be objective in interpreting the evidence. After all, they have little or nothing at stake either way. Christian physicians, however, very much do not want to believe the Pill causes early abortions. Therefore, I believe, they tend to resist the evidence. This is certainly understandable. Nonetheless, we should not permit what we want to believe to distract us from what the evidence indicates we should believe."

The debate comes down to when you believe life begins. Does life begin at fertilization or implantation?

Please do your own homework! I know what the possibility is of taking the pill!


Joy said...

I haven't done enough research to make up my mind on the moral implications of the pill, but I know that when I took it for a year, I didn't feel right! The pill makes your body do something it isn't supposed to do -- stop ovulating. It isn't natural. My husband was more than willing to use other methods once he realized what it was doing to my body and emotions.

Roxana said...

Dear Heather,

while reading the articol about the pill, I find myself in a personal dilemma - from my own medical research, it would be almost impossible to conceive while using the pill - because it simpy stops natural ovulation - and as a consequence, there would be impossible to have an abortion.
And my personal dilemma is this: back in 2007 I had a surgery and lost an ovary because of a hormonal unbalance which caused an enormous cyst to develop. So the surgeon doctor said is imperative to use the pill even being virgine, until I am married and want to get pregnant, just to protect the other ovary if I want to have children someday!

So what would you say about that? Should I stop the medical treatment with the pill (which now protects my only ovarus left from hormonal unbalance) once I am married, even though I don't think it's any urgency in getting pregnant right the way?

What would you say it's biblical to do in my own personal situation?

Roxana said...

so, dear Heather, no suggestion for me?