Monday, February 21, 2011

02/21/11 - Preparing for Marriage (part 8)

Over the weekend I re-read the 7 part blog posts I did on Preparing for Marriage.

As I read I realized there was something I missed. I am not really sure this would be"preparing for married when single" or "preparing for married when engaged", but here it goes.

The night John and I started dating we laid ground "rules" for our relationship. Looking back it sounds silly, but it's one thing we're both so thankful for.

We said that night that we'd always be each others #1 cheerleader and we'd always be on the same team.

A lot of couples see their mate as the enemy and because their "team" has taken so many losses they stop cheering for their team. Not only do they stop cheering, but they join the critics in the corner, picking their mate apart.

In preparing for marriage we must see that marriage creates a new team, a team that we are the #1 cheerleaders of! We must not view our mate as the enemy and strive to operate on the same page!

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