Wednesday, February 9, 2011

02/09/11 - Girls Gone Wise Wednesday

Here's Mary's video this week: Are you a Wily Coyote?

And this week's questions: Approach

Mary spends this chapter on how we approach our love story, are we self-manipulated or God-orchestrated?

She revels how manipulative a wild woman can be when striving to get her way! How she has a personal agenda and doesn't check to see if it's God's agenda for her life!

This is what she says about Delilah in the bible, "She obviously knew how to flirt, seduce, admire, compliment, pout, cry, reason, argue, lie, accuse, nag and do whatever else was necessary to achieve her goal." (pg 48)

Then she lays out five common ways women manipulate

1) Sexual Manipulation which would include, but not limited to: immodest clothing, flirting, sexual banter and innuendo, the "come get me look" and other nonverbal turn-0ns. (pg 51)

2) Verbal Manipulation which is using words to coax, reason, nag, explain, bombard, insinuate, lecture, harangue, cajole, accuse, wheedle, convince and other wise proselytize the guy so he gives into her way of thinking. (pg 51)

3) Emotional Manipulation which can manifest itself into pouting, sulking, acting hurt, lashing out or emotionally withdrawing. (pg 52)

4) Spiritual Manipulation which is using the "God card" to prove what you want. (pg 52)

5) Circumstantial Manipulation is setting up situations that allow you to be where you want to be to get what you want to get. (pg 52-53)

Which of the five do you struggle with the most?

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