Tuesday, February 8, 2011

02/08/11- Good Girls Don't have to Dress Bad

My friend Shanon, posted about this book: Good Girls Don't have to Dress Bad back in December.

I'm not much of a fashion guru, but as I've been really intentional about losing baby weight from 3 pregnancies I am starting to shop for clothes that fit.

I got this book and it's been helpful!

She addresses body types, clothes, accessories, modesty, swim wear, make-up, hair styles, and even glass frames that look good for your face type!

If you struggle like me with a good fashion sense, I'd recommend this book!

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Roxana said...

Thanks so much for the tip - I bought yesterday this book from Amazon. : )
As I'm preparing to be a new bride this year : ) I certainly want to learn how to be modest but at the same time attractive to my husband to be.
Thank you, Heather
Blessings from the Lord,