Monday, February 7, 2011

02/07/11 - The Middle Road

I love this clip of Francis Chan talking about: The Middle Road

At times I feel like this....Heather, the problem with you is you think everyone needs to be radical.

Why yes, I do!

If you claim the name of Jesus in your life then EVERYTHING should be effected by that! Nothing should remain untouched by the power in His name. Not one thing should stay the same!

The way you view your money, your relationships, your marriage, your thought life, your church life, how you view food, sex, power, ego, education, entertainment, mass media, and love. Oh every aspect of your life should be radically altered. You should reject the pull of this world for stuff, for power, for sex outside of God's timing, and many other things Christians just go along with!

We should be passionate about sharing Jesus' love with everyone. We're so consumed with our own security and safety we've forgotten about the dying souls of those around us. We've put our blinders on to the needs of others around us in order to stay safe, comfortable and use the name of Jesus as a back pocket "get me out of hell" card!

It shouldn't be this way!

Claiming the power of Jesus in our lives should change everything, EVERYTHING!

I will be radical and pray that God makes me more and more radical!

EDIT - Today on they posted a video of a lady who became a Christian. She echoed this post about how everything in her life changed! How I -an atheist - fell in love with Jesus

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Roxana said...

Amen to that - being radical in living out our faith!