Friday, February 4, 2011

02/04/11 - Prayer

It seems like all week, every where I turn, is the message of prayer!

Started Sunday at my church when my pastor taught on prayer: Kingdom Prayer

Then I've been able to listen to most of the messages from: Desiring God Pastors Conference on prayer

Then I read an article from Tim Challies post about his: Week of Prayer

And then tomorrow my pastors wife will be giving a talk on prayer.

So every where I turn has been about prayer this week.

I have two basic thoughts on prayer:

1) Want to see the health of a church, see how many come when you call a prayer meeting.

2) God is a God of details. So pray in details! Then He can show off through that specific prayer.


Wendy said...

Isn't it amazing how God does that? I wonder if it's that reticular thing--when you buy a certain make of car, you see that car everywhere? I have been posting a series on prayer on Mondays and Wednesdays, "Do You Pray?" originally written by J. C. Ryle. My husband read snippets of it to us during our family devotions recently. It touched me deeply, and changed my perspective on prayer! I hope you'll have time to come over and read at least some of it, as God's got you thinking about prayer. Ryle's writing is amazing. This really humbled and challenged me--changed my praying.
Here is the latest post
or go to and click on a recent "Do You Pray?" post! Have a great day! I really appreciate your posts! They're always full of something worthy and meaty and challenging, yet personal. Thanks for sharing!

Evelyn said...

Amen sister!
God want`s details, I`ve got one thing I prayed for!
But sometimes I don`t know, in details, what to pray.
Like, for work. I don`t know what work is for me. Really...
I can pray for something but what if that is not for me?
Ok, kindergarten is not for me, I prayed and said God that I want that He showes me is that work for me.
Ok, I`ve got discharge, so that is not for me....but, what is?
Yes, I know, I must be patient......
God bless you and you family!