Thursday, February 3, 2011

02/03/11 - Fasting

Do you fast for the purpose of concentrated prayer?

Throughout my 20's I fasted and prayed on a fairly regular basis. Normally my fasting was from food, but when I got married, got pregnant, started having babies, fasting from food wasn't really an option.

Recently I was reminded that fasting and praying can be fasting from other things than food. You can fast from mass media, Internet, text messaging, phone, TV, and other outside things that remove our focus from concentrated prayer.

Do you fast? Are you intentional about not doing something for the purpose of prayer? When I've fasted from food in the past, I used the time I would be eating or preparing food to pray. Since I prepare so much food these days (three hungry boys require it almost hourly!), I think I am going to take a day and fast from the Internet for the purpose of praying, and enjoy some quality prayer time with God!


Wendy said...

Interesting you should ask! I had begun fasting the day you wrote it, but read it later. I used to fast every Monday. Haven't done it much in recent years--should; it's a spiritual boost. It always clears my senses and mind--I feel so focused when I'm fasting! Like God clears my spiritual glasses, and removes distractions from my heart and mind, and most of all, zones me in to Him--almost like tunnel vision. I'm able to concentrate in prayer SO much better. I'm just learning how better to come out of a fast of several days, and I have way more energy this time.
Fasting from other things is a super idea, when you can't do a food fast!
Thanks for your great questions, Heather!

Heather "Paulsen" Patenaude said...

Thanks Wendy for your recent comments!