Wednesday, February 2, 2011

02/02/11 - Girls Gone Wise Wednesday

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Mary takes this chapter to examine how a wise girl gets her instruction and counsel. She lays out so clearly how much time the average young lady is exposed to worldly instruction.

Think about how much your exposed to: TV, radio, iPod, video games, Internet, movies, magazines, romance novels, or newspapers? All of these are a constant drip of the world's counsel.

Mary says that the average woman exposes herself to 3,596 hours of mass media this year (pg 36). That's a full 7 months of the year!

How can we expect to not be exposed to the world view of consumerism, individualism or the ever present Post Modern world view and remain unaffected!

"A Wild Woman gets her instruction from the world. A Wise Woman gets her instruction from the Word", it's as simple as that!

All this exposure will effect us, there is simply no way around that. Now, we can't hid under a rock and avoid all the worldly messages, so we must know God's Word enough to be able to spot the counterfeit the world offers.

What are your thoughts from this week's chapter?

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