Wednesday, January 26, 2011

01/26/11 - Girls Gone Wise Wednesday

Here's the book Blog for this week's chapter: Swept off your Feet

And here's this weeks: Questions

The first contrast that Mary lays out between a wise and wild woman is: Heart: What Holds First Place in Her Affections.

"A wise woman gives the Lord Jesus Christ first place in her heart. Her feet follow the inclination of her heart, so she makes cautious, wise, godly decisions about her relationships with men."

A wild woman's "relationship is peripheral, shoved off to the side somewhere."

Mary lays out a strong argument that the heart affections is the very core of the difference between a wise and wild woman. A woman who's heart is fully focused on Christ will act, think, respond to men, and live her life with an ever mindful presents of Jesus.

She makes the point that a right heart is not as a result of human effort, but a gift from God. So in order to become a wise woman we must recognize this as an out working on the Holy Spirit in our life.

"As we become more and more holy, we become less and less tolerant of any hint of evil in our thoughts, words, or actions toward men." AMEN! The closer we come to the heart of God, the less we are able to put up with the filth the world tries to sell us!

If we start with the heart, many of the other points of contrast will fall into either being wise or being wild!

What insights did you get this week from "Girls Gone Wise" this week?

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