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01/19/11 - Girls Gone Wise Wednesday

Girls Gone Wise Wednesday

We're going to be looking at each chapter of "Girls Gone Wise" by Mary Kassian, one by one on Wednesdays. Each week I am going to share Mary Kassian's Video blog on the chapter we're looking at. I will also share the study questions Mary has posted. Finally, I will share my insights on the chapter we've looked at!

You can also go to Mary's website and download a personal journal for this walk through: Girls Gone Wise.

This week's chapter is: Wild Thing.

I will share some of the things I underlined in this first chapter and then I hope you'll comment or share what were some of your insights!

"There's a measure of Girl-Gone-Wildness in all of us."

Mary has some hope for us as we read:

1) Grow in spiritual discernment and see the difference between wild and wise.

2) Say yes to God's ideas about womanhood and not conform to the world's pattern.

3) Become more biblical savvy and godly in the way you think and how you conduct yourself in relationships.

We will spend the rest of the book in Proverbs 7, which paints a picture of a Girl-Gone-Wild. Mary will contrast a wise vs. wild woman!

"If we ever hope to be wise when it comes to male-female relationships we need to align our thoughts and actions with His."

"A Girl-Gone-Wise is a woman who has committed herself to a relationship with Jesus Christ and who relies on Scripture to understand how she ought to conduct herself in her relationships with men."

"'Wild' is what we are whenever we disregard God and rely instead on the world's advice, or on what seems right in our own eyes."

"So many of us are living with the brokenness, dysfunction, pain, and confusion that come from having gone wild."

As I've read through this chapter I can see that as we dig deeper into this subject it will peel away layers that easily grow in my heart with how I need to seek "Lady Wisdom" in all I do!

You can find Mary on Facebook at: Girls Gone Wise

What are your thoughts?

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