Tuesday, January 18, 2011

01/18/11 - Clinging

Do you cling to Christ? I mean when life is hard is your first response to cling to Him? What does that look like?

The deeper I grow in my walk with Christ, the more layers He peels away, the more I realize how totally dependent I am upon Him. Yes, Christianity is a crutch! I don't know how people walk through this life without that crutch.

Call me weak, I am. Call me foolish, I am. Call me needy, I am.

I cling to Jesus when life's storm brew! They will brew, for all of us.

My rock is Christ. My foundation is my Lord.

I cling to the Word. I am thirsty for more of Him, less of my will, my flesh. I want to get out of the way, let Him have His way with my life.

Clinging to Christ is realizing how much you need Him. How life is meaningless without Him.

I am not claiming to be perfect, far from it. I fall so short. It's impossible to please Him, our Creator. Oh the wonderful grace! I want my every moment to live in the grace of God. To not try to think anything is because of me or because of my talent. It's all Him! I don't want to think my life is blessed because of anything I do! I am blessed because of His grace and His grace alone! Thank you Lord for grace!

I want to cling even more to my Jesus, no matter what He allows to come into my life!


Unknown Artist said...

Thank you for the encouragement! Love your posts!

Evelyn said...

Thank you! God bless you!

Narelle Worboys said...

Wonderfully written, Heather!

Prov16v22a said...

Very true. May we learn to cling to our Heavenly Bridegroom! not selfishly, but rather to not live without Him; to surrender to Christ, and acknowledge HIM living in us, giving us HIS strength.