Saturday, January 8, 2011

01/08/11 - The Art of Marriage

My husband and I are working on FamilyLife Today: The Art of Marriage. This is a do-it-yourself dvd marriage conference. The world premiere is Feb 11th and 12th at churches all around the globe (mostly in the states).

Maybe you're in a serious dating relationship, let me suggest you go.

Maybe you're getting married, this would be an awesome way to start off a marriage.

Maybe you have a great marriage, this would just make it better.

Maybe you and your mate are facing issues, this conference could be the beginning of some positive changes!

Check out: for more info!

Click HERE to see if there's one in your area!

Or check out the Art of Marriage that my husband and I are hosting: The Art of Marriage, Christ Community Church

(I'd love to see some of my Croatian readers bring the Art of Marriage to Croatia!)


Anonymous said...

I don't have a Facebook account. I don't really want one and my husband advised against it. How else can I get info on your sessions at Christ Community Church?

Heather "Paulsen" Patenaude said...

If you're married or engaged you're invited to join us for The Art of Marriage, a two day long conference to build and grow your marriage.

Set aside this weekend and concentrate on your marriage (or upcoming marriage)!

If you've been married 1 month or 50 years, there's always room for improvement! You won't be disappointed!

Maybe you're not married yet, this would be a great chance to start off on the right foot!

We will have on site prayer and mentoring available through out the entire weekend.

$45 per husband and wife, which includes the cost of the conference, materials and a lunch on Saturday.

Sign up by calling: 847-746-1411 or sign up in the church lobby every Sunday from Jan. 9th till Feb 6th.

Must sign up by Feb. 6th so we can order your books for the conference.

Please contact John or Heather if you will need childcare or would like to see if you qualify for a full or partial scholarship.

Heather "Paulsen" Patenaude said...

Or go to and search their site!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia! :)