Monday, December 13, 2010

12/13/10 - Time off Facebook

A few weeks ago my husband challenged me to stay off Facebook on Sundays. I am so glad that he did, because I took up his challenge!

Being off Facebook before church, and then afterwards (I do check after the boys go to bed, but am off all day) I have found that I am calmer. Satan was using Facebook to get me upset, annoyed, frustrated, or just unsettled, so I'd go to worship with a heart unprepared to meet with God.

Being off Facebook on Sundays I have found more peace and calm in my heart. My heart is also more prepared for worship. It's been a great tool in giving Sundays to the Lord!

Satan uses a lot of things to take our attention off worship, he's on extra alert on Sundays. What about you, do you find yourself being distracted on Sunday mornings? Are you more likely to be mad at your parents? Your roommate? Your husband? Your wife? Your kids? Do things agitate you more quickly on Sundays before church?

Please share ways you honor God on Sundays!


MInTheGap said...

When I was a kid, we weren't allowed to watch television before church, and I won't let my boys play Wii games and generally frown on television before church.

However, what does this say about us -- are we saying that it's ok to have Facebook, television or the Wii distract us from Daily Worship, not just Sunday Worship?

It's an interesting question!

A girl with a smile said...

I honor God by fasting that day. I am in full time ministry at the moment, so I try my best to be all day at church, serving and receiving. In reality, it's mostly serving. I was saved to serve :)