Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/01/10 - Lying

Do you lie?

Maybe your first response is, "No, I tell the truth."

But ask yourself:
  • Do I ever exaggerate the truth?
  • When sharing a story do I paint myself in a better light?
  • When sharing a story do I paint another person in a worse light?
  • When filling out forms (taxes, documents, etc) do I always share the correct information?
  • When talking to my parents do I always tell them the things they need to know before make a decision, or do I leave out details in order to get my way?
  • Have I ever covered up part of the story out of shame or guilt?
  • Have I ever told someone, "Sure I got this or that done!" when you really didn't but plan on getting it done?
  • When talking to my mate do I share thing that he or she should know about?
We must be intentional about speaking the truth in all areas of our lives. We must strive towards total honesty with those around us.