Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30/10 - Battling Sin

How do you battle sin? What is your game plan?

If we have no game plan, it makes it harder to fight the sin in our lives, well near impossible!

One thing I learned early on in my walk with God was to use the Word in the battle. Sounds so simple and easy, but what I would do is write on 3x5 cards scripture that applied to whatever sin it was I was struggling with. I'd carry those scriptures with me or post them where I could read them. Then when that sin would rare it's ugly head, I'd pull out those verses, read them, or even just quote them in my mind.

I have found that it is a helpful battle plan in fighting the flesh with in! Most times sin starts in our thought life and if we're thinking and meditating on God's Word we have help in those "rubber meets the road" moments!

(God is promoting me to use this currently as I am learning self-control and selflessness!)

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Anonymous said...

What verses are you using for the selfishness?