Friday, November 26, 2010

11/26/10 - Homework

Since getting home from True Woman Fort Worth God laid out some really specific homework for me to work on. I think it may take me a year or more to dig through and study what He has asked, but I am enjoying this homework assignment.

I thought I'd share with you, my reader, so you know what types of things I am processing and learning.

Here was His homework:

3) Basically study any and all materials I can get my hands on that deal with biblical womanhood.
(Here's some of the radio programs I've been listening to: Revive our Hearts)

As I've begun studying the Word and studying other materials, I've seen even more clearly how much the culture has effected my mindset and view of womanhood.

What homework has God given you lately? What's He teaching you? How are you growing? There's almost nothing that's more powerful that the testimony of a changed life!

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MassielZ said...

The Lord has been working and teaching me so many things lately! I think the must important one has been to be content in Him and experiencing that, as a single woman, He really is enough. Also showing me that there is much more in our life on this earth than wether I get married or not, but in my self-centeredeness I often lose that vision. We were created for pointing people to Him and serving Him, displaying His glory, that's really the point! (Thinking of that has made me see getting married or not as such a small small thing!).
Another homework that I have set before me is by the beginning of 2011 —God willing— start studying the life of Jesus. I am thinking of helping myself with a book called "The Life of Jesus in stereo".