Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/23/10 - My Testimony (Part 4)

In the fall of 1995 I was a senior at the University of Illinois. I was a resident advisor in a dorm and God had revived my heart that summer.

God brought some strong Christian women to support me and help me in my growth as a believer. I also got involved in Campus Crusade that fall and have many wonderful memories of how God used that ministry to draw me closer to Him.

In the first couple weeks back to school, I remember sitting in my room, praying. I asked the Lord if I could do some type of ministry after college, but, and I clearly remember saying, "I only think I can handle a year of ministry Lord." My prayer also was that I would live with other Christians and work with troubled teens.

About a day or two later my mom called me, "Heather, I was in the car and I heard this man on the radio talk about this ministry in Colorado called Doulos. It's a year long, post college ministry, where you'd live with other post college grads and work with troubled teens."

I was speechless! She must have called about lunch time because I remember having lunch with two friends and I said, "Looks like I am moving to Colorado next year."

Sure enough, I did spend a year in Colorado in a ministry, living with other Christian men and women, working with some amazing "troubled" teens. (It's been fun to reconnect with many of them via Facebook and see how their lives turned out!)

But back to my senior year and the impact of Campus Crusade in my growth. At Christmas I drove to Indy for their Christmas conference. The only speaker I remember is Kay Arthur. Of course she taught on the message of really knowing God's word. That was powerful!

I also remember praying for my husband for the first time at the conference. (To read that story, check out how I met and fell in love with John) So there are some very fond memories, that are close to my heart from that year and my involvement in Cru.

As I reflect on that year the Lord began to peel away layers. He convicted me of gossip, which was a rather large problem in my life. I loved having a juicy story to share!

He also started to point out times that I would exaggerate the truth to sensationalize a story. I remember some painful, tearful confessions to friends.

These are just a couple of those major changes the Lord made in my life that year. I didn't have victory over these that year, but it was an on going process of letting the Lord revive and change my heart.

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