Friday, November 19, 2010

11/19/10 - My Testimony (Part 1)

This week I devoured Nancy Leigh DeMoss' book: Brokenness.

As I read, I thought of my own road of brokenness, and my own personal testimony. I shared with my husband some of my thoughts and realized I was living in fear. Fear of people knowing my whole story, fear of having people think less of me if they knew of my "season of rebellion" in college, and fear of having someone else share my past.

So through God's grace, I've decided to dedicate a few days on my blog to share my own personal testimony. May God receive all the glory and may others see the power of brokenness before the Lord and others.

My parents Arne and Julie were married August 28, 1971. In 3 years and 2 months they had three girls! I was born on October 9, 1974 in Hartsell, Alabama. My parents moved a lot and before I got married I had moved 14 times! (I've lived in Alabama, Illinois, Texas, Colorado and Wisconsin.)

I have very sweet memories of my childhood. My parents were kids themselves and I actually remember my mom's 30's birthday! Crazy! (I didn't even have kids till after I was 30!) The first time I went to church I was 5 days old!

Growing up I went to church three times a week, Sunday morning and night, and Wednesday night. I grew up in a church that was very legalistic. Rules were the means of pleasing God. There wasn't much room for God's grace and there was little to no mention of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

In 1985, while living in Texas, we met some other home school families and we saw a love for Christ that was new to us. My parents started really questioning the balance of God's truth and grace. (When you are only taught one of those truths you will be out of balance.)

Although the church was unbalanced on preaching truth and grace, I grew up in a church that encouraged bible study. They encouraged you to know God's Word and to really study the Word. I am so thankful I grew up with a foundation of His Word!

On May 25, 1986 I remember the first time I felt the promoting of the Holy Spirit. I didn't know it at the time, but I clearly remember being promoted to respond to the alter call that Sunday morning and become baptized. My dad baptized me and that was the time I do feel like I began to understand the Holy Spirit in my life.

Shortly after that, our entire family was ex-communicated from the church I grew up in because we would no long agree that it was the rules that saved you, but it was only God's grace! At 14 it was tough to lose all my friends and the church family I had known since birth.

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