Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17/10 - Simplify

Last week I bought a sign that says: Simplify. I hung it in my kitchen as a reminder to live intentionally simple!

After hanging up the sign my husband asked me, "What does 'simplify' mean to you?"

"To me living a simplified life is to leave room for God's to work and move in our lives. It's keeping our home, our calendar, and our minds clutter free in order to hear God's voice and His will for us." was my reply.

He initially thought that the sign meant I wanted to de-clutter my house. Sure, part of living a simplified life is having a clutter free home with just the basics, but more than that, it is leaving margins in my life so I can think, function, and hear God's prompting.

Friends, this takes intentionality! The world is SCREAMING at us: go here, do this, sign your kids up for this, be involved in this, run this ministry, send this, move here, go...go...go! It's spinning and we can so easily be caught up in this vortex of craziness!

Giving God control of our calendar can be saying, "No" to things, to leave room for those things God wants us to really do.

At True Woman Ft. Worth, Holly Elliff said, during the panel discussion: "We're so busy doing things God hasn't called us to do, we have no time for what He does want us to do."

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Mariel Nonis said...

Thank you so much for your posts, I don't always have time to read everything, but whatever I do read is always an encouragement and points me towards Christ and the characters he wants us as women to possess.